Due to impending retirement of the founder, Brian Sherwin the SENTRIPOD copyright and business is now online as a BUSINESS FOR SALE.

Prism survey equipment by Sentripod means Total station control from every angle! Whether using Leica, Trimble or Sokkia, Sentripod cylindrical targets lead the field.


Sentripod up front at Special offer price of 20 Euros (or £17.00) basic unit.

Take Total station measurements from any angle horizontally or vertically.Simply add a user defined constant of 4.4mm to your EDM input.

Offers greater accuracy than 360 degree glass prisms at ten times the price.

Heavy duty SentriclipLEFT PICTURE. RMB270 FOR rail clip on Sentripods, 1 mm accuracy up to 60 meters makes it particularly useful for precise monitoring as in Railway stabilization works or buildings. Also enables pinpoint resection of your instrument anywhere on site.

Sentripods give measurements up to 150 meters for general detail survey of 3mm accuracy as well. This makes it a winner when pole mounted for all round visibility, portability and setting out on a whole range of projects.



Cuts out “angle of cut errors” Sentripod is used most effectively for precise manual measuring instruments thus avoiding the commonest “angle of cut” problems of flat stickers, so saving time in resetting instrument and uni-directional targets.

Telephone now on 01249 460225 or leave call back message. 
IMG_20140828_144137141From pillar to post fixedEngineers Toast!                                                           Get your sample today for only £10.00

The range of possibilities includes Rail clip fitting, wall, ceiling, bridge and ground mounting. Can be magnetically attached or Grabtite fixed in a few moments. To Summarize these are the key attributes:

  • Costs less than glass uni-targets
  • Hi Vis. All round reference point
  • Light and portable

Email: Brian.sydney@protonmail.com