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  • All orders come with free technical instructions, tips on application and technical support.
  • Sentripod Prisms and accessories are listed separately, please specify when placing an order if you would like to receive your Sentripod Prisms assembled in the ordered accessories or as separate components.
  • All products are manufactured by Quality Assessed Vendors.
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Bulk Discounts

  • 500-999 Sentripod products ordered = 5% discount
  • 1000-1999 Sentripod products ordered = 10% discount
  • 2000 or more Sentripod products ordered = 15% discount

Prism Catalogue

Sentripod Prism


  • 270° measurement
  • 1 mm accuracy to 60 metres range
  • 3 mm accuracy to 150 metres range
  • Vertically adjustable
  • 50mm x 30mm x 63mm
  • Multiple fixing options
  • Manufactured in ABS

Part Number: MB270


Sentripod Omni Prism

  • 360° measurementOMA360
  • Mountable with 5/8ths inch detail pole or tripod
  • 1 mm accuracy to 60 metres range
  • 3 mm accuracy to 150 metres range
  • Vertically adjustable
  • Made of anodised Aluminum
  • Tripod not included.

Part Number: OMA360


Accessories Catalogue

Sentripod Rail ShoeRMB360

  • Unique self centering 360° target interchangeable with standard prisms and detail rods
  • Sentripod prism and detail pole not included

Part number: RMB270





Sentripod Rail ClipRAI270

  • Secure fit to the rail base flange
  • Made of anodised Aluminium
  • Sentripod prism not included, sold separately

Part Number: RAI270




Sentripod Clip BracketBRAK1

  • Metal Fixing Bracket

Part Number: BRAK1



Sentripod Leica Type AdaptorADAP1

  • Adapts 5/8ths inch Whitworth to Spigot mount

Part Number: ADAP1


Sentripod Magnetic Back StripMAG1

  • Sentripod prism can be secured onto metallic surfaces quickly and efficiently
  • Magnetic strip cut to length

Part Number: MAG1