On construction sites, several of the Sentripods can be mounted in easily visible locations, such as buildings opposite the site, or lamp columns or anywhere stable around the site. This eliminates the need for heavy, bulky uni-directional prisms, as you can set up ANYWHERE on the site using resection/free-station, as the Sentripods are visible from any angle. Sticky, retro targets limit your possibilities since they are only accurate when observed within 30 degrees from its perpendicular. And they cannot be re-used! I have 4 Sentripods in the site I’m working on currently. I use a Leica TC705, and all my resections produce residuals within 1mm, in all 3 directions. No prisms and tripods to carry round that get knocked over, simply set up where convenient and do a resection – as easy as that. My dumpy level is under the desk, gathering dust, because with such excellent re-sectioned set-ups, I use EDM instead for heighting. And the best thing is, when I go to the next job, the Sentripods come with me!

GB, Project Engineer of Skanska

I have been using the Sentripod for resections, being mainly a building surveyor,what can I say? A wonderful arsenal to add to the bag of tricks that surveyors have to carry around with them.no but seriously impressed ! Great results with resections and certainly has the potential for at least 25% fewer station set ups per survey- and solved various issues with dogleg corridors and the like. I may need some more soon.

Gareth, building surveyor

We’ve been using Sentripod targets for 2 years and can not fault them. They save us vast amounts of time and money. An excellent product.

Versatile and cost effectiveSurveyorBath

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